Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey ladies,
Get ready to unleash your inner diva, at one of our special ladies " night out" bring your highest shoes amd get ready to move that body! Just Dance will show you the basics of pole dance, while you enjoy a fun evening out with your friends or coworkers! Look for our grand Opening to happen soon!! Stay tuned to my blog to learn various different things about each of our classes!! Remember to dance your ASS off!!
Just dance


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Dance for Fitness

Get ready to have a sexy, slender, fabulous body without all the tedious workouts. If you're ready to feel Sexy, fit, and fabulous, then trade in your old work out for one of our high energy, full body sculpting & cardio class!    
  JUST DANCE for Fitness will change the way you work out, we offer original classes with certified and skilled instructors who will help you to master each move correctly to create the optimal full body work out!
We believe that fitness should be fun, and that it can be sexy!
Come Unleash your inner DIVA!
Our Classes will keep you wanting to………… “JUST DANCE” for fitness!!!